You will never see a Car Like this


You will never see a Car Like this 

Toyota has introduced its concept vehicle that has been declared the ride.

During the CES Show in Las Vegas was presented the future of vehicle design and aero-dynamic structure that looked the part of a science fiction movie.

The company has developed the vehicle artificial intelligence system which means learning to move with the driver itself, which is called Yue.

The company said in a statement that its interface thanks to the systems within which is designed for interaction with people around the world, riding the light, sound and will be able to provide the necessary information automatically.

The company claims that this vehicle so that people will be more warm and friendly experience and driving will be much easier.

Yue proves that the AI ​​system has been installed in the car in automatic driving with links to helpful people.

The car door opens automatically when the driver or passenger.

The overhead lights are flashing like the fact blink or eye lashes.

In fact, this car is like a large smartphone that you will not ever seen before, but when it comes to running the streets, it's hard to say anything about it yet.


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