Worried WhatsApp introduced a major changes in Skype


Worried WhatsApp introduced a major changes in Skype

WhatsApp from yesterday formally announced the introduction of video calling feature and think it upset Microsoft's Skype video calling app launches its biggest change is near.

Yes, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to use Skype because now no need to account for this.

The first group chat feature in Skype guests had to add people, but now Microsoft has made possible without calling account using the audio features of the app.

Just enter your name, you must open the Skype website by clicking Start a conversation and just.

Then the voice, video chat with anyone it would be you would have to share the link with the required person or through Facebook.

According to Microsoft, this feature can currently only available for the Web version of Skype and the 300 group chat, voice or video while the 25 involved in the call has been placed.

If you use a Skype dialogue will remain on for 24 hours, but you'll need this app to account for calling landline or Skype Translator.

You can learn how to use it in the video below.


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