Within a year it will be the end of mankind?


Within a year it will be the end of mankind?

The world's warned Professor Stephen Hawking of the leading scientists for the next one thousand years, men will have to make his base on another planet.

If we would eliminate humans inside the house did not discover another planet for a thousand years, the 74-year-old scientist during his speech to the Oxford Union Society dybytng.

He stressed that the new location to continue his efforts to live in space or our men will be eliminated.

He said: "We have to move forward in humanity's future in space is printed in advance, without I do not think we can find another planet to survive in this fragile planet after the next one thousand years.

He warned in the past that human survival is under threat as a result of the virus developing a nuclear war and global warming, genetic engineering.

Similarly, recently said the robot world, our world in the future where our children will be fighting climate change.

In his recent speech, he said, moving to new discoveries, but our children will have to fight this battle with the protection '.

He will help us understand more about your location will prepare a map of the position of millions of galaxies, which can be supported by supercomputers for our universe.

He said, "One day we see that waves of gravity that will be the center of the Big Bang.


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