Will this phone can beat the iPhone?...


Will this phone can beat the iPhone?...

China syawmy company has introduced a new version of its iPhone June kanyspt mix.

It is a concept phone that border lace or lace edge and the screen is 6.5 inches.

It has been developed ceramics body and the company says that the volume is the same as a 5.5-inch smartphone screen has the edge because of its great to be equipped.

A version of this phone was introduced in October, but it was better than ever and introduced with white paint.

This phone was introduced during CES in Las Vegas and back camera sensor size is also reduced.

Notable features of this phone include dragonflies Snap-821 chip, 2.35 GHz and 4400 mAh battery.

The company claims that it is protected from cuts and will almost white version will be offered for sale in China sometime this year, and looks for the price of $ 516.

The Chinese company PTA in Pakistan last month had given permission to sell smart phones is expected to begin selling its phones in January.

Initially the company is expected to January Max and V-me will offer for sale the notes after the May III and IV to allow Egyptians note.

He considered that this company phones than the iPhone, but their prices are much lower.

Yet it is not that the sale price of the phones in Pakistan, but it will be available to customers at competitive prices with official warranty.


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