Which is world's favorite website in every country


Which is world's favorite website in every country

The nearly three billion people worldwide are estimated to use the Internet and its use is becoming so important that it affects the quality of life.

Interestingly, among the countries that are neighbors living in the fast WiFi connection and restrictions in the world, namely South Korea (fast Wi-Fi connection) and North Korea (strict web censorship).

Alex, a website has been ranked the world's most popular Web sites and determine each country's Independent newspaper of the UK's most popular websites which have developed a map of the data.

Google is the world's most popular site, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Thailand and used it very much from Turkey to the UK etc.

In contrast, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cambodia and Algerian secret video sharing website YouTube.

Russia's favorite site is working from social networks.

But the most interesting Malta, Israel and Albania where Google or YouTube rather than the newspaper's website is much like the Malta Times of Malta, Palestine and Al-Watan Voice Albania Gazeta Express.

China favorite site in honor of the Vietnam Kos Kos bydu the search engines.

If you look on the map, if black is for those who will look at countries where there is no data to Alex.


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