WhatsApp will charge their customers?


WhatsApp will charge their customers?

WhatsApp has more than one billion users of the world's most popular messaging app.

The reason for its popularity is the use of WhatsApp is free for consumers around the world.

However, such reports have emerged very quickly because it will change the WhatsApp users will have to pay for the new version of the service is preparing to introduce its use.

WhatsApp for Android and Windows Phone beta hints of the new platform named 'Enterprise' service versions.

Indicating that gets its name after WhatsApp has reached Introduce yourself separate business platform.

They will work like new office slack and Skype messaging app that helps businesses grow their customer base.

It is unclear how far it will vary from office to another app WhatsApp or what features it will have.

But it is clear that WhatsApp to become the most popular Instant Messengers like the idea of ​​working in offices that already provide support end-to-end encryption to halz security.

WhatsApp idea that I would charge customers for the service, which was announced at the beginning of the end of last year.


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