WhatsApp was solve the major complaint of users...


WhatsApp was solve the major complaint 

of users...

If you use WhatsApp good news is that very soon will be able to share 30 images simultaneously in one place.

Yes WhatsApp Android they will be able to share more than 30 images at a time by which the increase in the beta version.

This increase will those who love to share photos with your friends and loved ones, but often times it takes considerable time for them to share photos of any event.

This feature has long been demanded by consumers.

Similarly, WhatsApp has now been introduced in GI related images feature the beta version of the search.

The FIA's WhatsApp for Android users can send and receive pictures, but when they are stored in the device.

But WhatsApp G FIA click on the search will be directly connected to the app you will be able to search the pile will be different animated images or custom.

It is the beta version of WhatsApp features will be available to consumers soon.


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