Wet phones and tablets as well as the unique tool developed...


Wet phones and tablets as well as the unique tool developed...

London / Washington: valuable mobile phone if the hair dryer to try it to remove moisture in it will sink in water, it is gagged raw rice sack or are put in the oven, but now claims a company the phone, developed by special packaging terminate the moisture in less than an hour.

This lunch is a heated vacuum chamber, which is a machine box shape and can absorb moisture very effectively smartphone. Deputy head of the company in 2011 dudya gambling trustee wife, his phone machine. 

The casino made a redirect Orthodox machine and fulfilled your phone alive and a few weeks later, he was also the first commercial model of the radix machine.

Buy this important company, Verizon last year to provide mobile services in the United States after 700 msynyn them, put them in 38 cities. This machine is the company's mobile phone from the water, it absorbs the syrup and soft drinks are 100 per cent, but was not able to recover 100% of phones. It is estimated that a rate of 84% success ratio.

If radix-makers say the phone in water clajayy not immediately take out the batteries and try it on. If the phone, tablet, MP III players and other devices are more likely to be true for the battery to be removed devices wet.

Radix company to fix the phone and smartphone for 5 thousand to fix
Is up 9 per thousand.


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