Waste oil from the blower system developed...


Waste oil from the blower system developed...

US experts have developed a system to convert human waste oil (hydrocarbons).

Under this system, which is called hayydrthrml lykuyyfyksn oil is extracted from the earth. According to experts, only 34 billion gallons of human waste sludge is created and associated with this year in the US, which could be 3 million barrels of oil every year.

The system Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (ca L) of the energy sector has developed and they say the same as the natural system under which millions of crude oil produced over a period of millions of years. But very high temperature and pressure is required. Such oils can be used to clean up oil through traditional refineries.

In the future the system could be improved by making void the item and escape the smell and the sewage problem will be very low. The mud had become very difficult because of human waste bayufyul moisture but ca l have solved the problem.

Other wet organic compounds through the system hayydruthrml lykuyfkysn fuel can be made from simple chemical ingredients break. Only one adult person can also develop an estimated 2 to 3 gallons of oil a year from waste.

Under this system, human waste is mixed before it is placed in the 3 thousand pounds per square inch pressure and placed in a reactor and heated to 660 Fahrenheit ferrin (348.889 ° C). Scattered waste in this process is transformed into raw bayutyl. By now it is clear and can be accessed from petrol. 

However, a change process can be achieved by other types of fuel and chemical ingredients. This process also makes phosphorus that can be used as fertilizer. This process can be a fuel that can be produced by other fuel gasoline, diesel and jet aircraft.


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