'Wallpapers', Google's new application...


'Wallpapers', Google's new application...

Aesthetics is part of human nature. The house or other human use and to handle life, everyone wants everything in its use; and the heart attack ayy.yhy have some personal computers and mobile phones.

PC and mobile phone users to decorate your PC and mobile phone wallpapers that are a manifestation of the beauty of nature or of their condition. Especially the issue of sale of the mobile phone wallpaper rinse important option. New heart attack caused by the mobile phone visible. 

The need Keeping Google has introduced a new application. It is the seat of applications, wallpapers.
The Apple Google app wallpapers heart attack and contains a large number of standard wallpapers. 

Very impressive wallpapers on the application and beautiful landscape photos, enticing including some splendid architectural Satellite Images of shoots, abstract images and Google Earth.

This application offers users the convenience of a feature on the app that they can change your wallpaper every day. 

Those wishing to bring new and beautiful wallpapers on your mobile phone fair will be interesting wallpapers Google introduced the application very useful and entertaining for them.


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