Videos now very easy to animated image


Videos now very easy to animated image

Do you like animated images and want to convert it to any of your videos? Google does too.

Yes, Google has kept supplying app photo search technology and built up the people assisted images automatic as collages, facilitate change in animation and now has been a sharp increase in the.

Google is adding new features thanks to which you can change the scenes videos of their choice to live FIA.

Google to use Learning Technology and Automation This app can be animated to change the image of the video that you share with friends, relatives or Facebook etc.

In addition, Google will also introduce two new features which help to go back and look at some of the photos.

A new card will be able to help you discover the old photos.

So will help to highlight recent photos and other features, this app will automatically ready for your photo album.

These new features are now available on Google Photos Android, iOS and web version, which you can change in three new colors to your photos and videos.


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