vacuum cleaner vacuum to clear the air polluted cities


vacuum cleaner vacuum to clear the air polluted cities

Amsterdam, Netherlands absorb the smoke from industries and vehicles in densely populated cities and pollution are sick people in most countries of the world who have made the biggest vacuum cleaner in the world to the inside it clears the air clean.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 90 percent of the world's air pollution levels have forced the world's population crossed the 'dirty air' that causes many respiratory diseases. A company has developed a vacuum cleaner in which the filter pattern length of 8 meters and the Netherlands will be used in a project to clear the air on the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

The company's air filter is 4 miles in diameter and 300 meters away from the 7 km above the air could keep them clean. It is estimated that in one hour, it can clear the air of 8 million cubic meters and the capacity to clean 100% pollution of small particles.

This vacuum is entered from a side klynyr and come out clean on the other side. It caught in smoke, pollution and carbon particles. The pollution emitted from the plane, there is evidence which can lead to mental disorders.

Air pollution in the world, is that more than 60 million people are killed each year. The Chinese city of Beijing also clean the air, which leveled a big tower and absorb pollution. A tower clears the 1,059,440 cubic feet per hour.


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