Use of computers in fact beneficial, research


Use of computers in fact beneficial, research

I spend a lot of time before the young smartphones, screen computers and videos games and claim it has emerged that it is indeed beneficial habit to his personality.

They said Britain's Oxford University research finds concerns regarding the technology emerged over the last decade that too much time on it is just a result of the social skills of young people and mental health.

However, it emerged in the 15 years of research results in close to half a million young people have a positive impact of these devices use.

According to research spending up to four hours daily in front of the computer does not cause any loss of personality, while in smartphones has been two and a half hours of video games.

The researchers said that these devices are really helpful in enhancing creative thinking and coordination ability and concerns in this regard are unfounded.

He was exaggerated, the time I spend in front of the digital screen in the reports and some more mental health, although modern harmless but may prove beneficial, but beyond them spend time might be damaged.

But not review the impact on health spending too much time in front of screens during the investigation.

Earlier, a study in China in 2014, it emerged that there is too much time spent on the Internet shrinking the brain leading man.

Oxford University research published in the journal Psychological Science.


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