US military turn 40 years old grenade major changes


US military turn 40 years old grenade major changes

US forces have decided to change the traditional grenade design which was designed 40 years ago and this new design, Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (E-MPA) was named grenade .

Research and engineering sector arms in the US (ARD EC) has made more secure old grenade, but work on the dangerous designs of the enemy, who Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (SET MP) grenades name has been given. 

It will set up a rotating lever which will make hand grenades exploded in two ways: either they will be divided into pieces or will produce an explosive blow.

Although there are now several grenades and grenades have been made for many tasks, including crowd control gas grenades, smoke grenades to create, to destroy the manual tank bombs and grenades to light up in the dark. But the foot soldiers or the use of fragmentation grenades or grenade thrower connection to explosive force.

Connections are explosive grenades killed and they killed by hidden enemies on a circle. The scope of their impact is short lived with the soldiers threw them to the blast will not hurt him.

Other types of fragmentation grenades are hthar defensive concept. Which is one of the explosives are full of sharp-edged metal pieces and ball Bearings. This grenade is wrapped in metal wire or solid iron so much effect. Fragmentation grenades are usually 15 meters (or 50 feet) into the circle and avoid hostile soldiers.

A grenade will come, it will not take two soldiers and two different types of grenades.
Military engineers have worked 5 years and are constantly tested by the military. E-MP is a change and the grenade before it was suitable for right-handed people, but it can also use the left hands. 

ARD said the ECB is directly taken from the forces of the hand grenades who have tried it on the battlefield. It could be reduced and more time fuse grenade explode and change the nature of the liver is also very easy to use.


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