Toyota's new Hybrid vehicle in Pakistan


Toyota's new Hybrid vehicle in Pakistan

Toyota has presented its new Hybrid car sales pryuz in Pakistan.

Recently offered car delivered interesting thing is that it is offered for sale in Europe and the United States in January and February, which was introduced in September 2015, almost a year later Pakistan I was introduced last week.

The car company is focused on design, improved driving dynamics and technology Sons Toyota Safety Technology.

The design pryuz same as 2015, but it has the potential to reduce emissions by 1.8 gasoline engine and powerful electric motor that has been contaminated with fuel efficiency as well.

The engine speed is automatically reduced speed during the peak traffic can reduce or faster.

The drive mode has also been a feature to switch the mode is Normal, Eco and Power and EV can be selected.

EV mode the vehicle has not been given to the electric motor can be run for a few minutes while the power it can travel up to 52 miles per gallon on average every situation.

The company is also focused on efforts to protect the safety of passengers and crash rescue the accident pattern is designed.

Air bags, Anti-Lock LED multi-function with LED headlight and may try to avoid a crash by breaking and other systems have been a number of features including steering wheel and touch screen audio system with multi-information display remarkable which can be connected to smartphones.

It cost the company 44 million 99 thousand.


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