Toyota's most unique car?


Toyota's most unique car?

Toyota is the preferred name of vehicles in Pakistan but have completely different look that would like to operate the car is ready?

Yes, Toyota has developed a 3-wheeled concept car is called the Road.

The Toyota car was developed as other transport issues, including traffic jams.

With a head light electric vehicles are kept in dmbu This air doors, which is quite different from the cars on the roads today, which make it quite attractive.

Its width is less than 3 feet in length is around 7 and a half feet.

But the company says the car can travel up to 31 miles on a charge, the office and back home is possible at a charge.

The car will be operated at a speed of 37 mph and can travel 2 people at a time.

The driver has a digital instrument display for convenience while driving too fast on a Toyota lens system or a hard turn will alert you.

Since then, the company has been tested on the streets of Japan and France, after which it will be judged to be offered for sale.


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