Torch light up and Fire


Torch light up and Fire

Shanghai: A company making laser devices have a flashlight ready to provide a powerful light and the grass that lay eggs pot flashlight can also apply under fire when the phus.

The Chinese company has developed a flashlight and his name is called flashlight mini flashlight. It boasts 2300 lumen halogen light that fire bhrkaskty. The torch has been used in aircraft aluminum and the lens and reflector would not be damaged by heat. So while torches be brought to any food item they are after smoke flare. However, you can then put the fried krandh small pot on the heat plastic flashlight that pghlaskty.

Money is the equivalent of 100 small flashlight light bulbs. Its length is 8 inches and weighs 385 grams. But the shorter version is also a mini flashlight has been named. It is the light that gives up to 100 minutes of low intensity when the 3 settings in terms of light intensity and may last up to an hour at full power. Has a battery pack for charging. Flashlight price has been allocated Rs 20 thousand which makes it a very expensive item.


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