Three-D printing project preparation kidneys


Three-D printing project preparation kidneys

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard scientists are the three D bayuprntng help working in the same laboratory that had developed kidney tissues such as the kidney, it can clear the blood vessels naturally great success.

'Three D bayuprntng They are technology, including the living cells of various types of special ink for three-D printing (Bio Inc.) is used when the bio-ink (Bio Inc.). This is called the "Three-D become something 'living' printer Not only does it have the same features of the living cells, but the body as well (organ) belongs to these cells Is.

If (III led benefit from bayuprntng to) a person's body from the kidney cells using the firm's technology is developed, it will be a great service to humanity.

This experience completely new kidney to increase further 'print' to be taken, but the kidney is very complicated than the vessels which they will need several more years. However, during the journey toward living tissue and scientists are working on an artificial kidney is in small kidney disease will dlaskyn from their suffering.


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