These shoes are the dream of every woman...


These shoes are the dream of every woman...

You should not like cleaning the house, especially the broom? If so, this shoe can help you.

Yes, it shows the vacuum was put there just to make the tour, cleaning the shoes here.

Japanese auto company Denso's shoes may be the dream of every woman who presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES).

Inside the shoe has no battery and connected to a pedal which gears, he was wearing when he disappeared soil with each installation step in which it will provide vacuum motor power you move forward goes.

Shoes that are hidden away inside a small box that were inside are gathering dust under.

Just that it will be later this otherwise empty containers must not allow cleaning.

Currently this concept because it is so heavy boots are not easy to walk while wearing them too much dust can not collect because the box is small and fills quickly.

The Japanese company said it is continuing to work on this and they will be further improved.

But it will still take a long time to reach the common people.


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