The universe is expanding. But the pace of increase has not spread...


The universe is expanding. But the pace of increase has not spread...

London: British astronomers that the universe is expanding, but it was no increase in the speed of its spread, but perhaps it is our own misunderstanding.
If the Government subyr Oxford University and colleagues of this research will become true if all of the research on the past year redundant.

That is, if ultimately it proved that the universe is indeed expanding, but the spread of speed is almost constant and has not increased (ie, acceleration lives, not) then requires many assumptions also will end up, which was introduced to describe the acceleration sustainable expansion of the universe. The most damage 'dark energy' (dark energy) would be the concept for which it has so far only be so informed, perhaps, time and space (space-time) of the structure Add a feature. No one knows more about dark energy.

Increasing the speed of cosmic expansion (Eye on the acceleration animation) discovery surfaced in December 1998 when the United States and three astronomical Grain Australia studied the number of special sprnuua (Type 1a) which are located far away from us in the universe . I also want to say sprnuua but always remove exactly the same light. Why they are given special importance to pinpoint distances cosmological observations and distant heavenly bodies. The team of experts analyzed the light from a very distant Type 1a sprnuua and that the universe is not only expanding, but its spread speed becoming louder.

This news has upset the scientists around the world because you did not do any scientific hypothesis that can help define 'sustainable acceleration of cosmic expansion. After considerable efforts after experts suggested that perhaps some 'time and space' that has been the cause of the universe's structure, in which a mysterious and unknown by the name of "dark energy," he said property is involved. What is property? What is the place of appearance? How does the process? Will be compiled and how its effects on cosmic evolution? In response to these and other questions, such as dozens of hypotheses have nothing but convoluted complex mathematics.

Despite this, the three scientists who discovered acceleration of cosmic expansion was sustainable given the Nobel Prize for Physics (Physics) in 2011. In addition to using ground telescopes to study the dark energy is now working on plans to send spacecraft.

Subyr Sarkar and his colleagues had been used again sprnuua type 1a was obtained from various sources about 740 sprnuua this type of study data. Type 1a number of sprnuua was 10 times higher than the number used in the 1998 discovery. His observations and descriptions of the statistical data related to their (statistical) model is made by the beneficiary in 1998 was the discovery knew that the increasing pace of cosmic expansion.

But the strange began more than a little bad situation when he hits his analysis again using different statistical models. A different but better statistical model was much less likely to use animation acceleration of cosmic expansion that could be easily overlooked. Having explored thoroughly the data and the results they thesis, the research journal Nature Scientific Reports, which 'have been published online on 21 October 2016 online.

View this article in subyr Sarkar and his colleagues that type 1a sprnuua large numbers and to use more sophisticated statistical model that determined the idea to accelerate the pace of cosmic expansion accelerated in fact a wrong confusion; and the 'dark energy' and they produce all the wrong concepts that have been developed based on the acceleration of cosmic expansion.

They say that the statistical model based on the concept of acceleration of cosmic expansion was developed, it was very simple and old, who in the late 1930s. Then, especially in recent years, while already in use, which are far better and more accurate statistical model can be made much better.

It remains to be seen now that the scientific community because it appears to be reacting to this new discovery it has been denied in an equally exceptional way of an extraordinary claim, which is much stronger than the apparent acceleration living universe expanded and reliable appears.


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