The stories also feature in WhatsApp...


The stories also feature in WhatsApp...

WhatsApp has introduced another feature and this time he stole it from the snap chat.

Yes WhatsApp has introduced the Snap chat feature stories States and is available in beta version.

In less than two months, Facebook had introduced popular feature stories first and then Instagram snap chat in Messenger and WhatsApp is also available.

This feature, which is named Status, is currently available in beta version for Android and iOS beta tester and if you can prove it.

This new feature of WhatsApp, like many stories have been given the opportunity and status updates in one post will be deleted automatically after hours.

The status of the contacts can be shared by all of WhatsApp or can be limited to selected people.

It will present the status of WhatsApp chats and calls Tabs feature.

The WhatsApp will be able to share photos and video through friends while making the choice of photos and videos from the library will be able to decorate them with doodles and text.


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