The shoes will also charge mobile phones


The shoes will also charge mobile phones

Washington: University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering has created a shoe for the poor and backward areas and soldiers who can go fill charge mobile devices.

The energy to produce tiles, can be made under the bags and shoes, but experts claim that moves the prepared shoes (kaynytk) into electrical energy that can very effectively to human activity.

University of Wisconsin scientists say that is the very energy that can be made, 10 watts of optical energy as a human activity that discarded shoes in advance of the actual temperature. 

But let's not underestimate the power of 20 watts may be a charge for advanced mobile devices.

The role of new technology in the shoes of the success of 'reverse alyktruyntg' name has been. It has been added in conjunction with an electric kndkr nynuflm a liquid surface. 

The bulbar has developed a tool called. There are no active part in the bulbar saw two straight plates and the liquid is filled between them. 

The bottom plate is the small hole in the gas pressure inside the bubble forms. It crashed through the plate are torn up Bubbles flowers. The process liquid is flowing back and forth and it makes electricity.

It is a power that can charge mobile phones and iPad, but also can be used for electricity in remote areas. Now experts have been shown to have a start-up company whose shoes practical aspect of a video.


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