The new version of Opera browser that 'nobody' open 'website...


The new version of Opera browser that 'nobody' open 'website...

Silicon and Eli: Opera browser released a new desktop version, which prevents not only unnecessary but also through the advertisements are banned can be found on the web sites.

The 'Security and Privacy' (protection of privacy on the Internet) and are considered two major problems bombarded with advertising. Each page of AdSense or similar other services for more than a desire to earn more money, those websites are not just the down and left ads up but in the form of Page during 'pop-up window. Ads are displayed that are eating huge part of the Internet connection. As a result, broadband Internet poop it as if using dial-up connections of 20 years ago.

The second problem are largely political and social because each country in which all Web sites was blocked, which considered against its national interests and security or public perspective 'pornographic' are considered. These websites effort like people to access and online presence, ranging from blocked Services' VPN '' (VPN) called browser plug-ins and browser are trying to extension .


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