The new camera introduces on Facebook


The new camera introduces on Facebook

If you like Instagram, you'll like it, this change in the book that will change your image in art style.

Yes, Facebook has started testing a new camera feature images and live video into perfection of the art of an artist.

Although at first glance the images appear when they are substantially similar matches pryzma like editing app.

But Facebook has used his most important Artie fusion technology behind this feature.

Test this feature from Facebook has been in Ireland, but it would be soon introduced to the styling transfers worldwide.

This feature has become part of the Facebook app that will give you the opportunity to add to the stylish filters to images.

What shape will the transfer from such other editing apps is that the camera can be used in real-time live.

According to Facebook, it will automatically add the filter slyfyz which users will get a chance to use AI technology.

Facebook also hope that it will help defeat by a new snap chat.


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