The innovative storytelling and reading glasses...


The innovative storytelling and reading glasses...

London: millions of millions in the world who can not read because of the weakness and the people more illiterate, but read from a speaking newspaper that the lens is made for them to book tells you.

This innovative lens, aurkym 'is a smart lens that is named. Starting its sales in the UK will begin this month. The most important item aurkym a powerful camera that has been installed in a corner of the lens. A wire from the camera, which is a small computer speaker reads the text you see. 

This is kmpyutrhy the size of pencil boxes can easily fit in your pocket.

As soon as you have a finger on writing a beep sound from the device and the capture of the page and the text in robotic voice heard then.

Aurkym who is 20 years old she used that technology, called optical character recognition '(Oasi R). This way, advertisers can read signs and food containers, but currently can not read people's writing.

Aurkym 2 scientists made in 2010 for the first time when he was employed in a company and as a karbnany pedestrians and other cars for identifying a camera system. Then there were now 2,000 devices will be sold in the UK.

2 versions of aurkym made and both are very expensive. Mai is a reader which cost around Rs 2 lakh, while the price of wheat has more than half a million bucks and can be ordered on the company website.


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