The iflix introduced in Pakistan...


The iflix introduced in Pakistan...

Are your smartphone at Rs 300 per month, a laptop, you want to watch movies and play on your choice of desktop computer or television?

If so, Malaysia belonging to the flex video -on-demand platform is best for you that has been introduced in Pakistan.

It is usually called Southeast Asia Net Flex, which promise to provide unlimited movies, plays or other programs for Pakistani rupees per month for three users.

Users are free to use it for a month before the payment Want to try this service.

Credit card information for the thirty-day free sign-up required to provide.

Each member will be able to movies or other shows users the Flex five devices.

From the Flex app help which is available in Apple's App Store and Google Play Store, users can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Flex Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, the company is keeping people based on Malay Businessmen and Holly Hollywood kept together.


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