The human or robot?...


The human or robot?...

They see humans as a result of advances in technology and robots are often hard for people to differentiate between them.

That has been proved that a woman Karen X. Cheng shares last week at the CES conference in Las Vegas and presented himself as a robot.

They've become like his acting was so convincing that humans or robots just have them do the robot.

According to Karen Chang, the first robot was danced in different places, but we thought it would be fun to do a technology conference where people expect the most advanced type of technology.

According to him, the thing is that I was not sure we would have been able to fool someone helps, but surprisingly we deceive many people.

He posted a video on his Facebook page that the robots have seen millions of people.

Conference to fool the people he was placed in a remote attached to a fake wire.

If people are not human but he was convinced that he can connect the wires, but some said it skin just like humans.


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