The human body will also power, scientists have won on strange clothing


The human body will also power, scientists have won on strange clothing

If you do not have power in the world. Yes, the lord of our body by which power is, your brain performs the complex task unfys. The brain and make us able to swiftly carry electrical signals between cells in the human body that can range from minor activity in the United States thought the thoughts to hold glass of water. The human body does not produce large amounts of electricity, but scientists believe that it is possible to prepare those who take advantage of this life-changing devices.

For example, to produce apparel with a material that can generate electricity from body heat or movement. British inventor from South hpmtn University, Professor Steve baby is like trying to invent clothes. Professor Steve wants to make a coat that can supply power to take over the body sensitive medical devices (medical sensors). The devices will be easier for the blood pressure of the patient at specific times each day, sugar levels, heart rate, etc. to check.

The devices then results cordless (wireless) from the doctor or hospital will be moved. The patient will get rid of repeatedly going to the hospital or doctor's time, will save energy and money. Professor Steve says in this regard, the power to perform everyday tasks that we want to invent clothes. When he took it and make ample use of electricity. When work is finished devices to 'be quiet'. The clothes they make electricity again. '' However, it is a challenge for scientists to dress. Because the power is always precipitated by friction atoms. I could give you the opportunity to move from the rest is the man that clothes design. The experts want to make clothes that will produce electricity as well as a comfortable way.

Some scientists believe that the power be fit for walking shoes or socks to wear atomic system continually rub together. Blood flow in the human body it is possible to generate electricity from the movement of internal organs.

Is located in South hpmtn University Hospital cardiologist, Dr. Paul Roberts, if you have a pacemaker, who invented electricity heartbeat. Dr. Roberts says, "We wondered when we would have chance to lay hands on the severity of the beating heart. Usually we do not even have to put your hand on your heart when the heart condition while relaxing. If turned away, ran away and then a heart attack is more aggressive. Cnanch it is possible to take advantage of the wealth of human body energy.

When the machine is placed between the two pacemakers Heart Balloon jufun (chambers) are also warmly beating heart when the balloon cavity. By installing a magnet wire with a balloon. Whenever Balloon bhncy, the magnet generates electricity. Dr. Roberts and his team have created 50% power through this method requires a pacemaker.

Currently, there are pacemakers which are inoperable byryanch seven years later. Cnanch operation costs by putting new chains so that the works could rhy.yh peace plan they operate electrical pacemaker in the patient's heart, God forbid, he could answer. In this context, Dr. Roberts says, "We invented the heart pacemaker will last only one percent of the energy. If a patient's heart is so weak that even one percent very small amounts that will not affect its overall function.

The US corn is put on the preparation of such devices in the field which forces the university to generate electricity. The rush that soldiers dressed in March at the knees or brackets, they would make the devices installed in power. Actually carry all types of military electronic devices nowadays. They follow all equipment chains. Science to scientists that the devices will work with the help of physical power, will not have to carry the weight of the chains and the military.

Some devices running backups or soldiers who will take power on (backpack). Since the location is usually in motion so there will lead to more power. Corn Field University researcher, Richard Daniel began creating his own body the power to say 'if the military would be sufficient to require chains; and they can perform their duties more efficiently. Will usher in significant cost devices that generate electricity, but long-term benefits as these. '


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