The Galaxy Note 7 offense with air travel in the US...


The Galaxy Note 7 offense with air travel in 

the US...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone sales has stalled over the world, while many airlines to take it kept a ban on carrying this device in aircraft, however, fly in the United States now crime has been declared .

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note increasing difficulties as a result of 7 and may now face jail or a fine or both penalties to travel in a plane with the phone in the United States.

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was restricted to the Galaxy Note seam in last formally planes and traveling with the device according to the new regulation will now be declared a federal crime in the United States.

FAA was restricted to air travel with Samsung on October 15, according to which passengers had issued the order on Friday.

He said the passengers in order that the device will not be permitted to carry in your pocket, luggage, cargo or anything and then bring the aircraft to a call from a mistake to close it immediately Will be.

Airlines were also directed crhny be allowed to keep the phone in aircraft passengers.

However, if a traveler comes to this aircraft, it will face a penalty of one million Pakistani rupees) penalties approximately 1 million 79 thousand 933 dollars (each violation under US law.

Similarly, the case is to be sentenced to imprisonment for ten years, which will determine or be given both fines and prison sentences against.


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