The first smartphone introduced three cameras


The first smartphone introduced three cameras

Apple and other companies were engaged in two cameras, smartphones, but the company said Su So even gone a step further and launched three sensors in the device.

The company's new smartphone iPhone AR Zen there are snsng camera motion tracking and depth with which a conventional 23-megapixel sensor.

It is taking pictures of three sensor together 23, 23 megapixels and an image can turn into a 'super-resolution, 92-megapixel photos, the company claimed.

This smartphone from Google, which is used to Tango Three technology users can experience virtual and augmented reality.

This new smartphone has been introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which exists in Google Daydream virtual reality system.

This phone with 5.7-inch screen, while Qualcomm Snap dragonflies have been 8 GB RAM 821 which is the first smartphone dragonflies.

The company said that the system has been used at trial does not proceed in the picture while the volume of the three cameras at the Magnet speaker for better sound.

This device will also be several apps project which is part of Google's Project Tango.

Fab is currently available to call lynauu The project, which was introduced last year.

AR Zen phone will be on sale in the second quarter of this year, but this price it's not right now.


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