The drone designed to detect explosives aurmnsyat...


The drone designed to detect explosives aurmnsyat...

Tel Aviv: one day you are reading the wonderful news about the US drone but even recognize drugs 
and explosives have been taken from several kilometers away.

The company, which has been prepared by the drone of the 'aspyktrudrun is deleted several different uyulynth laser (wavelength). Laser range finder in this detailed camera, aspyktrumytr and software algorithms make it possible to identify dangerous ingredients together. 

US prnsb This system automatically analyze a risk and evaluating the hands of the 3 km that leads to Rome's control.

Modern techniques are used aspyktruskupy drone which LI BS, Raman aspyktruaskupy and flurysns (brightness) is supported by phanpny system. D per head of S is a powerful and reliable technique used to fight terrorism.

Thanks to technology it can drone solid, liquid and identifying explosives and toxic materials in the form of gas and can be used for both military and civilian. In the event of any threat sends detailed pictures and information to the control room. The laser system can also be mounted on a robot car.


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