The credit card size mobile phone


The credit card size mobile phone

Do as much as you would using a cell phone the size of a credit card?

If so, this device is called the Light House anti-smartphone device that you will definitely like it is a problem.

Yes, the phone can only be nothing to make and receive calls.

Not even an SMS, there is no question of being able to connect to the Internet, it is deprived of the camera.

The company has developed new lab, and it says that the purpose of this design is to use every possible mobile phone.

The company said it is ready to deliver the smartphone addiction.

The company's mission is to bring the sounds of the technology of the present and away from smartphones through satellite phone.

Well this phone can also be used to keep your expensive home because of the number of active smartphones on putting light technology has been used for it.

Since there is no digital screen it, so the volume is the same as a credit cart, but it is too thin.

LED interface is fully touch screen phone, but at the top and the left button.

Satellite phone cost one hundred dollars has been allocated.


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