The 'cheap iPhone' Please buy directly from Apple


The 'cheap iPhone' Please buy directly from Apple

Do you want to buy an iPhone bargains six last year? If so, you can buy this device from Apple, but he will be re-furnished.

Yes, Apple has started to sell its online recycling furnished iPhone Six Six-S and S-Plus online store.

So before Mac computers, iPads and other devices on the online store from Apple iPhones were sold furnished, but Rick did not find here.

But now Apple has provided a facility for its users and device cost will be discount of 15%.

For example, if you buy 16 GB The S Research furnished iPhone six to 449 dollars you (almost 47 thousand) and will have a price of 529 dollars (nearly half of 55 thousand Pakistani rupees) while the six million plus would be enough memory for $ 529.

The 64 GB storage Six S Plus phone will receive 589 dollars one hundred dollar discount.

Although the idea may be good, but you do not buy the device reset furnished clear that this phone you will get a one year warranty with Apple, the new battery will be with them.

According to Apple, this is for a limited time offer, if you are interested to come into action quickly.


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