The Amazon app in interesting children's books...


The Amazon app in interesting children's books...

SEATTLE, USA: Amazon has launched an app in a way hundreds of books for the Amazon Rapid to lure children back to books in the digital era.

Rapids Children's colorful stories are presented in interactive mode. Such things as different characters in the story they are SMS each other. In addition to the written word meaning and pronunciation to the option exists. The text can be read by scrolling to the story that keeps rising.

According to Amazon, the kids can read books during the trip. Dialogue of the characters in the stories are presented in a way that children are smiling read it and it also fosters their imagination. The stories become too short and finished in 8 to 10 minutes.

There are hundreds of stories have been made and for children up to 7 to 12 years. This app's monthly fee of $ 3 and $ 30 for the whole year. Biggest story contains more than 10 minutes and is complete at 500 to 700 words and interesting stories have been on many topics. All stories are very beautiful and colorful background.

Kids can text the pace and speed control in terms of convenience. Unfamiliar words by placing finger on it can sense and hear the pronunciation. In addition, Rapid option is that they tell the story read.


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