Terra Hertz invented a revolutionary way to increase computer memory by rays...


Terra Hertz invented a revolutionary way to increase computer memory by rays...

Moscow: Russian experts terra hertz radiation has been invented a thousand ways to use computer memory faster times to come, thanks to the revolution in the world of computers, smartphones and tablets.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MI t) Expert Team 'Terra Hertz rays' (T-rays) with the help of which demonstrate to the extraordinary speed of the magnetic state of computer memory they hope that the future will be built high-speed computer memories to a hzargna than today.

Tyrahrtz rays frequency micro-waves over, but less than infrared. These rays have been used in attempts to read books without opening machines (experimental) as the test diet, participating search askynrun airports today. However, it has been used in the field of computer technology is the first occasion.

RAM (RAM), also known as computer memory, not all the necessary information about the work (information) is collected inside. Work is cleaned with the help of external magnetic field memory after completion (magnetic field) in order to move further information. Information is temporarily stored in memory could be faster sweep speed will be much faster.

The D-III-R (DDR-3) is the kind of memories that are fast data transfer speed (data transfer rate) 800 1600 mygabts mygabts per second per second.

Russian experts have created the external magnetic field with the help of tyrahrtz rays to clear memory of his experiences, he established the memory was more than 10 times stronger when a hzargna Research 'memory much faster than set 'the end of the information contained in this.

Currently ayjadfy it will take several years to become a regular part of the nature of the computer memory but it is a new step towards the unseen world.

Scientists will be possible to significantly increase the speed of microprocessors size using the same techniques that you expect. The microprocessor design technology that I will bring many changes.


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