Tablet, tourch the display surface of a catheter Microsoft PC...


Tablet, touch the display surface of a catheter Microsoft PC...

Redmond, Washington: Microsoft has presented its first all-in one-touch personal kmpyutrfrukt.
28 inches wide is the PC 'Surface' Studio 'is also the name of the screen according to Microsoft, the world's thinnest screen that provides a viewing angle up to 20 degrees.

It has a dial controller and power processing system is placed in the base. Dial controller that can be used for the keyboard, stylus, mouse hyptk feed back. It can also provide virtual reality facilities.

The wide touch screen can also be used in place of a large white board drawing board which will help increase the efficiency and creativity. The company is being presented at Christmas but have been produced in a limited number.

LCD monitor thickness of just 12.5 mm making it the thinnest screen and 13.5 million pixel display, which shows the fork TV by 63 percent. Laptop with the Microsoft Surface, the new model has been introduced to increase the processing power and twice the battery to 30% and the value of the 3 models 2 million over 40 hzarrupy. The sixth generation processor core has used the seam.

The company has developed the Microsoft Surface on the best minds of this is very important tool for gaming and creative work. On this occasion, Microsoft will be able to announce that the three-D version of Paint app in Windows 10 in 2017, through which the three-D drawing board easily.

In addition, it can scan Microsoft introduced an app for smartphones that any item III-D visuals. The boxes, housing and other things, and be made part of any image. Something similar facility is being presented in PowerPoint presentation that can make your D-III.


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