Tablet ready equipped with Braille for the blind


Tablet ready equipped with Braille for 

the blind

Kansas City blytyb (BLITAB) The company is equipped with the same name, which has developed a tablet computer Braille system for the blind 'iPad' is being said.

Blytyb was tested successfully on 3 thousand people in the first phase. After the Mass, I go to America to start production soon and now the company is based in Kansas City. This tablet PC converts the normal writing braille code on your screen via a system which appears in the form of bulges on 'braille keyboard, with the screen and blind people can read it by touching the hand .

The Braille keyboard is also blind users can write using characters that appear in the form of a tablet screen and blind people can read at this writing.

Lytyb is an additional option to change the sound to compose the soundtrack also take orders via voice and text, which enabled it to benefit from the blind people of different software / apps to use and is very easy to surf the Internet Is.

The secret of the braille code to convert the text to Braille code is hidden in 'special way' intelligent liquid (Smart Fluid) which was developed a few years ago Slavonic. This liquid (fluid) showed response to changes in electric or magnetic field through my solid form using Braille when code is changed sequentially in the points that the liquid distinct change in their top when the pressure creates electricity that is generated due to the change in the layout of braille code.

Company officials say blytyb would benefit the whole world blind. The World Health Organization says at least 3 million to 90 million is entirely too broad prospects for the success of this invention are blind worldwide.


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