Syawmy the slim TV to the iPhone...


Syawmy the slim TV to the iPhone...

Syawmy Chinese company surprised the world with their smartphones and now he has surprised everyone with a television that Edge-to-Edge is thinner than an iPhone with the screen.

This unique television was introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This TV is so slim that the company said it is also in the mix, and the iPhone than the thickness of the smartphone October.

This TV is 4.9 mm wide and edge-to-edge screen or saying that they are just around the screen.

The TV is in your operating system patch syawmy Wall has been added to Android.

With this TV can also mudyulr and its components such as the display, motherboard and sound system upgrade easily removed.

The company is TV home theater system is the Dolby sound technology with which that voice aytmus the three-D touch.

However, the TV will not be cheap to buy because the price of 65-inch model will cost around $ 2 thousand, while it will also be available in models 49 and 55 inches will be relatively cheap.

The television company will be offered for sale this year, the first time in China.


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