Swim water pollution-eating robot...


Swim water pollution-eating robot...

Bristol, United Kingdom British experts have made swimming robot that makes energy from their 
wastewater pollution and absorb organic compounds.

This robot is cleaning the dirt water reservoir and clean the algae, pollution and other organic compounds can be spontaneous, but it can also remove the obstructions caused water to flow from algae. 

This robot has been developed by Bristol engineers and experts when it will not need additional battery.

The robot does resemble a sea creature, sylp 'transparent tube is like a living organism. The robot's mouth would have been made from a soft polymer organic compounds that will enter the water and energy robot. 

The fuel cell has been installed inside mayykrubyyl get the necessary energy for bacteria to break down organic waste. Bacteria help to get electricity in fuel cells and waste and the remaining substance will come out the other side.

This robot is currently very little energy but it produces soft and maggot wriggling design very low energy cost. The robot can be used to very good long runs.

The American scientists made the first three-D printed octopus which was named 'auktubut. Have very low costs and still make auktubut Harvard University experts had developed a robot 300. This robot moves water reaction.


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