Storm power turbine maker invention...


Storm power turbine maker invention...

TOKYO: Japanese engineers have built the world's first turbine that can generate large amounts of electricity from the power of the hurricane.

There are many turbine combination of optical (theory) can generate enough electricity from a storm that may be provided to Japan for the next 50 years, but the condition is that the use of electricity and proper system of storage.

According to turbine design engineers last year were made in Japan and a combination of 6 Hurricane turbine generator create such a great energy power hidden in a storm that will be sufficient to meet the 50-year-old to Japan. 

Engineer of the solar rather than wind energy is very high in Japan and in terms of the country's wind energy superpower.

Engineer in 2013, cylnrjy, founded the company began working on developing specific wind turbine for Japan. The design engineer is not good for western Japan because they can be destroyed by Japanese high winds and storms.

The principle behind this invention is driven by the Magnus effect (effect). There is nothing to turn it surrounded on all four sides and put pressure on it. The petals are spinning turbine which has been demonstrated in the video. 

But kybyc turbine rod is placed in the wings slow down or completely stopping ability. Although the energy utilities is 30%, which is 10% less than the conventional turbine turbines but can not stand the storm.

But so far could not be a battery that can handle the amount of electricity.


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