Stars turn those who believe in the stars, NASA...


Stars turn those who believe in the stars, NASA...

Karachi: The American space research agency NASA has made it clear that he has a thirteenth Sky Bridge is not announced as well, once again warned of a day at the dates of the heavenly Zodiac soothsayers astrology the difference is not plateaued for about a month.

Knowledge that has been described predefined release NASA has not released an announcement about a thirteenth constellation and told her, "Space Place" published article recently on the website. astrology nothing to do with astronomy.

I wrote to the thirteenth mock tower, aufyuks' was the name of (Ophiuchus) media refer to as abuse of this article said the news came as though NASA has been adding a tower to support the astrologers .
Including the first serious institutions and international aystrunumykl Association of Space Research (AU), astronomers organizations had identified errors in the calculation of several astrologers and based on astrology that btacky the data talks about the towers is almost 3 year old and a bridge during this period comes a month difference around in the days of departure and arrival of the sun and the gap of 20 minutes 22 seconds per year is going.

For example, if we Capricorn (kyprykurn) talk about the knowledge of astrology in the sun lasts from December 22 to January 20, the relationship of people born during these dates from the Parental Bridge. Instead, it is imposed under careful astronomical and scientific calculation shows that the constellations the sun from 20 January to 16 February Parental.
The Aquarius (aykuyryys) period has been 21 instead of January 16 February 19 February to 11 March.

Pisces (paysz) period has been 11 instead of 20 to 20 March to 18 April.

Aries (ayryys) period has been 21 March 20 April 18 May 13 instead.

Taurus (tars) the period 21 April to 21 May, instead, has been held from May 13 to June 21.

Gemini (Gemini) period has until May 22 to June 21 instead of June 21 to July 20.

Cancer (cancer) has been the period of June 22 to July 20 and July 23 to August 10.

Leo (Leo) period has been 10 August instead of July 24 to August 23 to September 16.

Virgo (sections) have been the period of September 16 to 24 Aug 23 Sep 30 Oct.

Libra (Libra), the duration has been 23 instead of September 24 to November 23 October 30 October.

Scorpio (Scorpio) in the period from October 24 to November 22 November 23 December 17

Sagittarius (Seiji tyryys) period has until November 23 to December 21 instead of December 17 to January 20.

The knowledge that the odds of two stars (aystrulujy) and astronomy (aystrunumy) When most people think the same.

Astronomy is a science department in scientific studies of celestial bodies in accordance with the laws of nature. On the contrary, astrology, experts (astrologer) and predicts future moves people watching the stars.

 It will be read with interest the so-called astrology is the common enemy of both religion and the world. (The intensity of knowledge including astronomy) studies condemns unseen, astronomers have been wrong so vigorously for the astrologers.

Pakistan, Mr. Shamim of a few years ago, Astrology: Fact and fiction was' title published a research book (also in e-book format) in which readers from misunderstanding several wrong about will have the opportunity to.


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