Spinach leaves can indicate mines, research...


Spinach leaves can indicate mines, research...

Boston: adoption of a 'sprfud because of their different strengths' have' status but the disaster prevention and can even save lives that little modifications identified mines spinach leaves can be 
used for.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) experts spinach leaves change to 'them' that knowledge when used to identify a chemical naytruayyrumytks which is found in explosives and mines plant nynubayunks. the name has been.

It has taken to identify mines spinach leaves. Addresses that are applied to carbon nynutyubs minefields signal to give to a special light. Dynamite signal after just 10 minutes when the plant begins to remove. Laser plants is added to the tubes and nano-infrared light emitted started. It can very easily identify explosives were hidden in the mines.

Spinach roots, such as modified according to experts at chemical plants, the leaves will be a light that would be emitted note of infrared cameras. This camera can also report was provided by the computer is connected to a phone and e-mail or SMS.

Experts say that they have crossed the barrier of the reported beneficial plants and the plants will be able to take a day environmental problems such as drought.

Plants can be good news for the environment while staying connected to the earth and the skies get the information they have just received a lot of information.


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