Security cameras abused to the dress...


Security cameras abused to the dress...

BERLIN: A German fashion designer has developed a dress that can deceive the automatic facial 
recognition security cameras.

Interestingly, it was not used in garment designing a new technology, but German fashion designer Adam Harvey has benefited from information in the computer's ability to recognize human faces.

This dress on such a strange carvings made it look like ghosts faces look away when someone connected to it through the automatic security camera wearing clothing camera, human faces I recognize the system as there are too many human faces in one place and that is the falsehood and deceit of their correspondent impressions and mistaken to identify the human face.

It is better to avoid the development of the clothing and advertising.
I come now to the news and pictures about the weird clothes from many sources that bring the fear that criminals, terrorists and insurgents will not set long to draw this segment.


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