Scientists have developed high jumping robot...


Scientists have developed high jumping robot.

California robots have been made so far to walk, roll, pounce and running, but it is the first time that engineers have invented a robot that can not only eat, but I acrobatic leap touch.

This robot called 'Salto' '(SALTO) Short named, is Compacts his legs like an athlete before and then plunge them rapidly boiling willed high jump.

This experimental robot weighs only 100 grams when fully expanded state the length of 10.2 inches (26 cm), but some of the 3.3 feet using the power of the motors (one meter) tall jumps touch , ie it is able to jump almost 4 times higher than its height. 

It 'Wall Jumper' does, and goes until jumping into the wall turns to her and jump higher by about 4 feet (1.21 meters).

University of California, Berkeley, engineers have to leap after a while (and a copy of his detailed observation of different animals and insects) have developed robots. 

They say storing energy as the robot's metal muscle tension within and are able to high jump were removed rapidly, which thanks to the kinetic power generated from the muscles that cause the power more than 15 times. 

'Salto' tricks and a video of the University of California at Berkeley on qlabazyun is released.


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