Samsung took the iPhone users...


Samsung took the iPhone users...

Galaxy Note 7 ascii demand by reducing back problems, despite the announcement of Samsung to stop selling and give its users prefer the iPhone.

It has emerged in a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

According to the survey 50 percent of consumers who buy the Galaxy Note 7 preferred the new Apple iPhone seam after the withdrawal of the device.

Only 17% of respondents prefer to buy a Samsung smart phone.

Apple is also recognized that increased significantly the number of users migrated to OS from Android in recent years.

Samsung mobile phone users in the survey, the company's first device was araءly and stay away from people who use the devices.

The batteries that Samsung may result in rupture of the events had to be called back to their flagship Note 7.

Some time later, but the sale was declared re-emerged problems in their phones, which were announced to the device.

The interesting thing is that Samsung still unable to determine why the problem was with the Galaxy Note 7 to be declared the best.

It does not create the problems that the South Korean company is focused on potentially hold Galaxy S 8 to be introduced at the beginning of next year, trying to focus.


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