Samsung Portable Fold smartphone this year?


Samsung Portable Fold smartphone this year?

Samsung's long stay in the news fold Portable smartphone is likely to come in 2017.

The South Korean company has a fold Portable Mobile Map has submitted a patent application.

According to Korean news site, Samsung Korea Herald reported that fold portable smartphone has started preparation of which will offered for sale in 2017.

Judging from Samsung's patented flip phone as it will form the fold portable smartphone.

It was previously in similar future leaks and rumors about who is going to be true, think now.

The patent will be a single flexible panel instead of two screens in the section.

This phone will be the turn or fold any place, but it's hard to say right now as clear in this regard.

The last days had to ask for the stock over the world due to Samsung the Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding and its reputation was also impressed, bring again to the fold mobile phone users in these situations successful efforts may be.


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