Samsung introduced a new computer than Pro IPad


Samsung introduced a new computer than 

Pro IPad

Google iPad together with Samsung's answer to Apple Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro and Pro Plus launched in the form of chrome book.

This new Samsung computer is presented in 2 models Chrome and Chrome on your Pro Plus, which was used in the Google Android operating system and apps are part of it.

This is the first Chrome notebook computers with screen anqing astaylus and support.

As is the Google and Samsung partnership for the device's 12.3-inch screen that stated above, which aims to compete with Apple and Microsoft devices.

Your Chrome Plus and Pro 2400x1600 pixel LED display, four GB RAM, two USB ports, type C, 4k video support, microSD card slot and 32GB of storage.

It weighs just two pounds and is more than half an inch thick when closed.

This device can be used as laptop and tablet Windows laptops that are available in the market.

Your Chrome Plus and Pro only difference is that the Intel Core Processor Pro III M processor chip, while CRM is a plus, as is the processor inside.

Samsung says that it can work up to 8 hours on a full charge both computers.

The uniqueness of this device can be used as a laser pointer for his astaylus pen writing on the screen, take a screenshot or things.

Chrome Plus will be on sale in February for $ 449 instead of the chrome on Pro will be available to consumers sometime this year.


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