Rosetta spacecraft reached comet after 12 years...


Rosetta spacecraft reached comet after 12 years...

PARIS: The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, developed by 12-year long journey has reached an interesting comet where he sent a research ship.

In 2004 the European Space Agency (ESA) is a research spacecraft was sent to the 67 P suryumu who has completed his mission. 

it is revealed at the end of the mission, a spacecraft called Philly comet which had valuable information. This star is 50 million kilometers from Earth comets.

The Rosetta has sent its last pictures down about our solar system in his journey were several important discoveries and comet. 

The entire project was designed by the Airbus company had the support of the European hunyn, NASA and other agencies.

Suryumu pin down the best photos of the stars Rosetta information will continue to take months to send them to the ground. 

This solar system was very young when the comet was made in our solar system. The small plane Philly has now landed on the surface and discover 16 organic compounds (kpmawndz) on the comet. 

This research is important because they are fundamental to many of these compounds. A majority of experts believe that comets collide stars began life on Earth because of the important components of life in the stars.


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