Robots, will assume the position of judge!...


Robots, will assume the position of judge!...

Artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) technology through continued efforts to create human-like robots, scientists mental abilities.

Robots to welcome guests, to express feelings in the face, and have been able partially to communicate with humans. The role of artificial intelligence in humans as it is to give key skills. Strives to increase the mental capabilities of automatic machines were employed this technology scientists.

While progress in this regard, they have prepared a system or algorithm that can decide court cases. Experts have also experience with the algorithm robots. Words can also play a robot lawyer and judge duties in the future.

Automatic potential legal judgments machines University College London, University of Sheffield and the University of Pennsylvania team of researchers has created. The researchers claim that their algorithm can accurately forecast prepared by the same percentage of cases decisions related to human rights.

According to experts, this algorithm has been developed keeping international adaltunku. I would guess this is the time that it was in view of the ongoing trials studying the details of decisions taken during the creation of algorithms. But decisions forecasting algorithm is also considered illegal facts with international law, and this property's debt to artificial intelligence.

During the study, researchers examined closely the publicly available documents in court cases. Meanwhile, they found that most of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights was directly dependent on the facts and legal arguments. It 'was discovered showed that the judge rather than the realistic tradition, according to the terms established in the legal world. Researchers analyze, previously was the highest courts reinforces other studies, including the results of the decision-making process in the US Supreme Court.

Dr. uysylys and his team study the documents of the European Court of Human Rights in walking five hundred eighty-four cases to create a unique algorithm. This article deals with all cases linked to the European Convention on Human Rights were three, six and eight. Later scientists used the AI ​​algorithms for finding similarities in the writing of legal documents.

The most reliable in the process to predict the courts that the results obtained from the algorithm were obviously factors that language used in legal documents, topics and situations described by the United States in the case of text.

The nature of the research team's offense forecast based on court decisions in previous studies, or would have been andaznzr and policy positions of each judge, but by analyzing the legal text the first time it has been estimated potential decisions .

According to Dr. uyslys This is the first time that judicial decisions can be predicted by computer algorithms. Automatic machines words will be able to decide the cases in the future depending on the details of these cases in the coming days.

Moreover, thanks to the anticipated improvements in computer technology and artificial intelligence will be able to take over from his 'brain', and the situation will be able to better analyze the decisions issued style. However, scientists now say it is far from unlikely that machines will take over the position of lawyers and judges, but they can definitely prove helpful in determining the nature of the cases.


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