Robots .... Threaten the world!...


Robots .... Threaten the world!...

A common perception is growing as the technology that supports it, life is getting easier.

New inventions are making this task easier. Thanks to the machines that were no doubt life is fast and convenient. Many who were in the early days, they came within minutes. There are countless things to do, especially with the help of computer technology, which I can not imagine in the past. 

Two aspects of image technology also has positive and negative sides. Currently, the world's eyes are focused on the positive side, it could give rise to the negative side horrific situation in the future which will affect the whole world.

Advances in technology are going to come out of the latest automated machines based on the particular artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) that can perform various tasks quickly and without any mistake. The use of these machines in the industrial sectors fails rapidly. 

The speed with which these machines in factories, cooking in factories and mills, that are increasingly being required manpower and limited employment opportunities.

Millions of these machines in the near future, but millions of people remain unemployed. Imagine, please, jobs are already at a time when the unemployment is pushing measures to eradicate, will give rise to many more millions crisis have unemployed. A UN report has identified that risk.

Most use automatic machines affairs, is in the electrical and electronic industries. Automatic msynunky have made increasing use has raised concerns about being unemployed from industries in third world workers and employees, including Mexico and Asia. According to UN reports progress can be synchronized over two-thirds of jobs in the world. There has been a rapid increase in world population.

The population growth rate is also high in developing countries. It requires an increase in employment growth in population. If two-thirds of the jobs were to be created over the unemployment crisis. Here comes the point of civil war and governments will be removed. Every effort to prevent chaos and anarchy in the country may fail.

This alarming scenario is outlined in a report released at the UN Conference on Trade and Development. Advantages and disadvantages of disruptive technologies in the conference was a detailed review. Millions of jobs were to report the contents of the developing and growing use of automated machines in countries already exhausted, and in the near future the situation serious turn may authorize, because of a further reduction in the workforce of robots will.

The use of robots look more current cars and electrical and electronic products manufacturing industries, but come the trend to go to work in their fields or industries They have seen automatic machines for which it is not appropriate at this time as apparel industry. The global manufacturing 
industries like apparel where manpower is not suitable for large-scale needs, robots.

The reason for this is that apparel making and unemployment is already high range of other industries with similar centers in developing countries. He shall cause unemployment to rise in the use of automatic machines in these industries. The decline in the trend does not appear likely. The reason is that the use of robots in the labor force and low cost machines do more work in less time.

Stand Low cost and will change little in more robots for industry and investors generally employees of the ability to perform which the unemployment crisis and the collapse of the subsequent civil war and governments can lead. This will be the developed world and the world to develop the principles and rules will have to contribute to prevent a terrible risk.


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